Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Customer

Our Client

A Renowned Real Estate Company

Details of Our Client

Our client was one of the well-established real estate companies, located in Mumbai, India. Our client worked in the industry of real estate, construction, and property management for more than 5 years. He was looking for a solution that would allow him to manage his sales department, keep track of all contacts, sales leads, and deals in one place, and monitor all these processes as well as possible with analytics reports. He also wanted to be able to see all critical data in an online dashboard in order to be able to make decisions quickly without wasting time on creating reports manually.

Our Client’s Purpose

Our real estate client hired us to help them with customer relationship management. They are interested in knowing who the most likely buyers for their properties will be, based on past historical data about their clients. This firm has a list of 50 customers and what kind of house they bought, how much they paid for it, etc. They sought assistance to keep a good and healthy relationship with their customers.

Our client wanted a CRM system that would deal with the following:

  • Sales forecasting using predicted property values and real-time property prices.
  • A list of all properties sold in the last 6 months with the ability to filter data by price, area, and type of property (apartment, house, townhouse).
  • A list of potential buyers with their contact information and specific requirements for a new home.
  • A list of potential sellers with their contact information and specific requirements for selling their property.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

The real estate company was facing challenges with its processes to track customer information and the customer lifecycle. The company wanted to automate its process but was unable to find a solution provider due to budgetary constraints. The existing CRM software was not integrated with the other back-office applications, which resulted in manual data entry of sales and customer information. This was a time-consuming process and led to the loss of potential sales opportunities.

Our CRM Solutions

Keeping the needs of our client in mind, our goal was simple: To improve the business relation of our client. We strived hard to create a CRM solution that would help our client to stay connected with their customers. We developed a CRM solution that was effective in gathering information about leads, prospects, and customers, and organizing them in one place. This allows for a more efficient process for marketers and salespeople, who can quickly access the information they need about their customers.

  • We identified the problems of our clients.
  • Identifying sales process.
  • Setting the goals and objectives to make our process easy.
  • Designed a CRM system based on client’s needs.
  • Choosing a CRM solution that would fit our client’s requirement.

Our CRM system had the following features:

  • The ability to add a new deal. Each deal has a name and an estimated value.
  • Keep track of all customers and sales
  • Keep track of all listings (houses, apartments, etc.)
  • The ability to update the details of an existing deal (name, estimated value).
  • The ability to mark a deal as lost.
  • The ability to assign contacts to the deals. The contact can be assigned and unassigned from the deal. The contact has a first name, last name, and phone number.
  • The ability to view all contacts related to the specific deal.
  • The ability to view all deals with their associated contacts.
  • Integration with other tools
  • The ability to manage meetings and tasks.


The client witnessed an impressive result with our CRM solution:

  • Helped in capturing and managing more leads easily.
  • Helped in converting more prospects into paying customers.
  • Easy monitoring of sales.
  • The company was able to use results to track leads and incoming calls, schedule appointments, send marketing emails and generate reports.
  • We helped them to stay on the same page and manage all the activities.

Finally, our client saw around a 75% rise in their productivity. Tired of finding ways to keep your customers satisfied? Get our impressive CRM solutions.