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Looking to shape the future of your business survival? Being the leading artificial intelligence development company, Allianze InfoSoft generates AI-powered smarter business solutions. Combining the efforts of our professional experts, we guarantee to develop the best and new AI-infused software products, web, and mobile applications. From tech startups, retail firms, hospitals, to corporate, our AI development feasible solutions will assist the decision-makers to obtain a deeper insight into their business ecosystem. With our modernized AI development and machine learning solutions, we ensure to spread out more digital opportunities for your business, mitigating the risks.

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How Will Our AI Development Services Benefit Your Business?

Allianze InfoSoft has a robust deck of dedicated deep learning developers, striving their best to minimize the operational costs, maximize efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and generate business growth. With the integration of our AI technology in your mainstream business operations, we’ll let your business take a smarter decision-making tactic, easily solving the unexpected business errors, and boosting the customer demand.

The artificial intelligence development services offered by our experts do not replace the human capabilities, rather, it should be considered as a powerful business augmenting. We strive hard to renovate your business scenario at a faster pace by enabling you to embrace new opportunities.

AI Reusable Components
  • Elevating your business productivity and operational efficiency

  • Intending to save your time, money, and resources with our excellent AI automation

  • Growing your leads and customer base by accurate mining of data

  • Instant decision-making process with the help of cognitive technologies

  • Eliminating human errors with the right assistance of AI systems

AI Development Services at
Allianze InfoSoft

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Our AI developers will aid the process of detecting the patterns/behavior from a bulk of data via machine learning. Our machine learning services will focus on predicting final outcome with the help of advanced learning algorithms. We perform extensive machine learning services for eCommerce websites, predictive sales mediums, and so on. The integration of our robust ML technologies with the AI development process will facilitate your organization to interpret the complex data, identify the trends, preparing better analytic, and improved decision-making.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

We provide NLP services wherein we concentrate on building smarter software solutions.These solutions will grasp the message of people as they speak/write in their natural style.The technique will provide an accurate interpretation of the message (text),thereby,enabling your organization to understand the customer preferences and requirements effectively.Our digital transformation consulting process will be customized according to your NLP requirements.We ensure in supporting the queries with the right answers through conversational business chatbots and virtual assistants.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

At InfoSoft, we acquire a team of professional developers possessing the knowledge to build sophisticated technology frameworks with the help of deep learning. We make the best utilization of ANN (artificial neural networks) to train your computers in responding to challenging and non-linear issues, similar to the way humans would do. Our NLP services include a detailed speech and facial recognition system, creating smart home automation, and so on. The deep learning services offered by our crew will analyze the data thoroughly and will predict a possible result.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

As the name suggests, we offer impact-oriented predictive analytic services that would make you aware of the possible outcome in the future. Depending upon the availability of the historical data, the predictive analytic assessment makes the use of machine learning or statistical algorithms for predicting the final result. The insights that are generated with the predictive analytic will enable your firm to solve the various challenges and discover unique opportunities. Our proficiency in the domain of predictive analytic will help you in enhancing the marketing campaigns, fraud detection, minimizing risks, etc.

Computer vision

Computer Vision

If you are seeking to extract crucial and valuable information from the images and videos, experiencing our computer vision solutions. Our computer vision services such as image/video analytic, facial recognition, and object identification, alongside the trained models will help in identifying certain places, objects, or people. Object detection is one of the primary stages of intelligent image analysis and can improve the process of assessing stock inventory, insurance claims, etc. In the instance of facial recognition, an image gets processed and identifies a person’s face (with a comparison between facial data and existing data).

OCR Services

OCR Services

Rendering the finest AI-infused OCR services, also known as optical character recognition, enabling your business to successfully digitize the physical documents. The AI-dependent OCR outcomes are beneficial in content digitization, extracting the vital data, and offering in-depth actions that would lead to a better decision-making process. Our developers have a proficiency in generating AI-based OCR solutions with the involvement of machine learning/computer vision algorithms. It will speed up the document scanning automation with reliability, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Few Unknown Facts About
Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence has the ability to recognize
  • AI can identify people by their voice
  • The majority of the globally known AI bots are female
  • Existence of AI-driven pets
  • The tendency to replace the human workforce

Contribution of Our AI Development Services to Various Industrial Sectors


Initiating remote appointment bookings, customized health/fitness apps, powerful healthcare record management system, remote health monitoring, and creating healthcare software.


Generating AI-powered supply chain management system, fleet management mobile apps, logistic web app development, enabling you to manage the transportation system digitally.


Integrating the various tools including video streaming and live chat into the eLearning process, creating an interactive and user-friendly learning platform.


Creating feature-rich eCommerce development solutions, customized shopping cart, development of exclusive web/mobile portals, effectual stock management.


Building sophisticated net banking portal apps, banking apps for smartphones, eWallet app development, managing the insurance portal, and creating a robust finance software management.


Building exciting 2D and 3D action game app development for Windows, Facebook, Android, IOS, and HTML5 mobile users (single, multiplayer, or multilevel games).


Successfully initiating technology transformation process into digital ones, improving the customer experience management, managing data-driven ‘big data’ analytic, and app modernization.


Our prime AI-based entertainment solutions include managing mobile/sports app, live-streaming apps, developing OTT platforms, video content sharing portals, ticket booking, or dating portals.

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What Makes Allianze InfoSoft an Incredible Partner for Your AI Development Needs?

  • Being the most promised software development company, we have proven our capabilities in accelerated and affordable artificial intelligence development services.
  • Portraying end-to-end business transformation via our exclusive services such as ML development, deep learning, Python AI development, computer vision, and so on.
  • Rendering cutting-edge and well-tested AI solutions under the guidance and monitoring of our experienced and dedicated AI/deep learning developers.
  • From budding startups to established corporate, our AI solutions will bring about a huge breakthrough in your domain, keeping up the digitization wave.
  • Working with unique and user-friendly AI-engagement models and executing these project models with the proven quality of service and involvement of advanced technologies.
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