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Allianze InfoSoft is the most trusted and reputed software development company, having mastery in IoT development services, AI technologies, big data, and app development stages. From consulting, developing, prototyping, maintenance, to enhancement, our skillful team offers the best digital transformation solutions to the diversified industrial domains. Our enthusiast developers and IoT experts will ensure in rendering customized results with passion and determination.

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How Does IoT Serve Your Business?

The Internet of Things development encourages hassle-free communication between the various devices and systems within an organization. The IoT development process ensures a smoother decision-making process and continuous feedback support. The Internet of Things eases the implementation of collecting and transferring the data across diversified networks.

  • Well-planned and effective marketing strategies
  • Driving the Real-Time insights
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Asset or inventory tracking
  • Bringing on a change in the consumption model
  • Creating new business opportunities
  • Using smart assistants and IoT sensors

Digital Transformation Solutions

Allianze Infosoft is a close-knitted team of ambitious and problem-solving IoT developers, guaranteed to offer smarter IoT software development solutions. We embrace the game-changing approaches to deliver end-to-end IoT products and outcomes. Drop-in your queries and experience the best competitive advantage!

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Smart Device Development

With the integration of IoT development solutions and connected ideas, our team contributes to the creation of wearable or smart devices, rendering a big break in your business world. Our smart device development services cover AI apps, and so on. Our smart device development services will enable your organization to enhance communication quality, monitor employees, and facilitate staying connected with customers.

Smart Device Development Services

Home Automation Solutions

Utilizing our advanced IoT technologies, our experts venture out to create smart homes that are environment-friendly and can be developed with the efficient use of the resources affordably. Our solutions are targeted to render you with multiple smarter living options. We focus on connecting the IoT powered home appliances to the mobile/wearable devices or the cloud for a better and streamlined experience. From turning the light switches (with the help of smart devices) to locking your house (when you leave) with a single tap, we’ll add on immense creativity.

Home Automation Solutions

Product Design

Our product designs will add extraordinary value to your IoT products. Our designers have front-end knowledge, thereby, they’ll handle the codes and the design aspects. Our designs are aimed to bring life to the fresh or existing IoT-based product. In the pretext of product design, we’ll be successfully covering the UI/UX designs such as responsive web design, animation, mobile/tablet app design, front-end implementations, and much more. Our human-centered incredible designs would deliver the best results associated with IoT product development.

Product Design Services

Smart Home

Planning to design a smart home for your customers? Allianze Infosoft is an ideal place to create the best smart home designs, cost-effectively, and time-efficiently. From smart heating to personal assistants, we’ll ensure to create a perfectly defined smart home. Our smart heating service will notify the users to use the heat less, thereby, balancing the smart heating systems. We create IoT powered doorbells that would enable the users to remotely receive a video call on their smartphone when the doorbell rings. Our IoT dependent sensors are designed in a way to save the water automatically while using the remote-guided sprinkler systems, etc.

Smart Home Design

Smart Healthcare

Our IoT services are largely beneficial to the healthcare domain. With the IoT smart device development, we simplify the process of sharing the patient’s real-time data to the healthcare firms. Also, our IoT products will contribute to the enhancement of patient care, minimizing manual errors, and optimizing the patient experience. With the rich industrial experience of our experts, we aim to develop robust IoT apps that would transform healthcare management and create contemporary patient assistance.

Smart Healthcare Services

Logistics Automation

Our contribution to the optimization of the logistic industry is immense as we focus on building quality-rich IoT solutions. Our IoT app will ensure in connecting the vehicles by transmitting the data with the help of sensors. We fix the on-board sensors to improve fleet management and contribute to collecting the on-road information (regarding the vehicle) and driver’s information.

Logistics Automation Solutions

Smart Retail

Our IoT solutions will enhance the performance of the retail domain and will scale the level of profit earned. Our IoT solutions will showcase the stock level and life of the perishable commodities. Our smart sensors are designed to minimize and control the carriage distance, enhancing fuel efficiency, and much more. We also support building automated warehouses for optimizing the inventory movement.

Smart Retail Solutions
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Boosting supply chain management via advanced sensors.

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Smart products to make your life simple and comfortable.


Enabling the ability to measure the student’s learning update in real-time.


Connecting the equipment and securing the industrial systems.

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  • Our IoT solutions are well-recognized and accredited across the globe
  • Successfully acquired nearly 98% of satisfaction from our customers
  • Offering diversified IoT solutions to multidisciplinary firms with complete focus
  • Providing high-end connectivity and excellent automation solutions

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Kelly Russ, Spain

Highly thankful to the team of Allianze InfoSoft for showcasing the dedication and experience in handling my IoT project. The friendly approach and trustworthy nature of the staff have my journey with the organization a memorable one. I am satisfied with the way they handled my IoT project requirements and I appreciate their hard work.
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Ryan Walker, Australia

This is my second project with Allianze InfoSoft and the IoT development team has kept their promise of providing quality and effective solutions. Their extreme professionalism, strategic approaches, and expert guidance are the main pillars behind the success of my project. I appreciate the communication skills of the developers. Good job!
Testimonial User

Cecilia Hoogan, France

Allianze InfoSoft is the place where you get the right mix of dedicated IoT experts and contemporary technologies. I am amazed by their problem-solving skills and ability to understand the project requirements with ease. The on-time delivery of the projects has always created a positive impact. Highly recommended to others!