Leveraging Welcome Messages and 24/7 Chat Support

What Kind of Client Did We Have?

Allianze InfoSoft was privileged enough to assist a client from the United States who needed help with the chatbot system. Our client was a digital marketing agency that provided its global users with a wide of online marketing solutions.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

We had a client who was coping with the initial business constraints as a startup digital marketing organization. They were having difficulty attracting the target audiences.

Our client had a fantastic website and chat service, but they weren't getting the customers they wanted. During the first few minutes of the chat, they missed the majority of their website visitors.

After a quick investigation by their staff, they discovered that the problem is with the chat support. They had two issues with their existing chat support – I) No welcome message, II) No one to answer the chat at certain times.

Customers do not engage with their business since their chat messages lack a welcome theme. Our client contacted Allianze InfoSoft after conducting a thorough search for chat assistance to integrate the notion of 'Welcome Messages.' You never know when a chat will appear on your website. Most of our client's interactions, which used to happen at unusual hours, were overlooked. These chats were left unattended due to the unavailability of personnel.

What Was InfoSoft’s Role in the Transformation ?

When the client came to us for help, we immediately did a quick investigation of their problem. They notified us of their conclusions, which helped us to focus our inquiry. We were able to concentrate on the issues at hand, and as a result, our AI-powered team devised a suitable solution.

We assisted our clients to build a personalized welcome message with the help of our AI-powered chatbot tool. The goal of creating a "welcome message" was to establish a connection with the users before diving into the business. We assisted with the initial response to users who started a live chat. Our client had originally requested a generic welcome message. However, following our advice, they shifted their focus to the creation of individualized communications. A personalized message is regarded as a strong business-visitor relationship builder when compared to a generic chat message. Customer engagement was balanced, thanks to our well-crafted welcome messages. We wanted to guide visitors and enlighten them about the products or services they were seeking through chat support.

Although our next problem was complicated, our developers made the appropriate decision. We recognized our client's struggle owing to a lack of resources. Businesses want to provide consistent service to their customers. As a result, missing a chat was a major problem.

Our AI-powered chatbot platform could handle consumer contacts at any time of day or night. It is meant to function 24/7. Even if they are unable to answer the customer's questions, our chatbot will attend to all interactions. The chatbot gained the potential to gather information from users and reassure them that their questions will be answered by the appropriate authorities promptly.

The Outcome of Our Solution

  • Customers were more likely to stay on the website for longer after receiving welcome messages.
  • A 300 percent boost in chat activity was attributed to personalized welcome messages.
  • Longer talks resulted in a large increase in website conversion rates, as well as high customer satisfaction.
  • Targeted messages received a 35% open rate and a CTR of 26 percent (Click-Through-Rate).
  • The website traffic that resulted from the implementation of the welcome messages was mostly genuine and profitable.
  • Our chatbot solution assisted the client in reducing the number of missed chats; on average, 1-0 chats were missed.
  • There were more monthly customer interactions reported, resulting in increased business sales and engagement.
  • Instant responses were generated, resulting in increased customer happiness.