The Top Startup Artificial Intelligence(AI) Development Ideas for 2020

May 06, 2020

AI or artificial intelligence development and machine learning services are formidable and revolutionary as it dominates with its technical advances and niches globally. And startups are harnessing its innovative and disruptive capabilities in a crafty manner to bring out new ideas to change the world.

AI startups or an AI solutions company offering AI consulting services aren't run-of-the-mill anymore. They are here to break all conventional technological concepts bringing great advances towards the future, and investing in such an enterprise will be a smart move.

The beneficial aspects of AI are several - incredible precision, speed, accuracy, and is less prone to most hostile environments. The technology has tremendous endurance or survival capabilities.

So here are 8 ideas that you can consider for your AI startup company that is worth considering for a futuristic reform.

Healthcare AI Startups

The healthcare industry is flourishing with the help of AI’s machine learning services (ML), helping doctors with in-depth and precise diagnoses that help them determine when a patient’s health is deteriorating. The benefits - better patient care than ever, increased average human life expectancy, complete eradication certain fatal diseases, and conditions. This conceived idea is highly profitable for you to bank on and can certainly be regarded as the wave of the future slashing the healthcare industry’s and patients’ cost concerns.

IT Services, Security, and Cybersecurity that are AI-driven

The base of this would be AI and machine learning services for developing IT solutions, network infrastructure, and security, even in the cyber realm.

Developing conversational interfaces will power future voice assistants and next-generation chatting apps, design hyper-converged infrastructures, or other IT-based services/security solutions for diverse workloads of computing systems to achieve equilibrium. Automatic anomaly or physical threat detection tech that fortifies cybersecurity and traditional security highly narrowing extortionate data breaches. Some solutions can detect software vulnerabilities even before they occur helping companies stay ahead of hackers or attacks. IT-based AI ideas will surely pay you big.

AI-based Energy Industry for Enhanced Cost-savings

All types of operational costs of the energy industry can be reduced substantially with the help of AI-based solutions and applications. These technologies can learn and precisely make predictions on future energy loads at granular levels for singular mixing activities. The benefits are full-fledged and new opportunities, reduced wastage, and especially cost concerns.

AI-based eLearning Tech or Mobile Apps

The eLearning industry is being embedded with accelerated progress with AI and ML tech and mobile apps amplifying the power of written text, and human learning capacities, through personalized lesson plans. This will greatly help students falling behind in their academics by identifying each student’s best learning patterns or styles, that will effectively prepare them for their challenges.

This potential idea is highly scalable and incredibly profitable with a mass-market.

AI-based Logistics or Supply Chains

A booming industry whose big concerns on rising fuel and transportation costs, the on-time meeting of customer demand, etc. can be tackled efficiently through artificial intelligence development.

The solutions would be warehouse management (entire overseeing entire inventories and monitoring new orders) by integrating it with their existing infrastructure. Advanced route optimization for faster delivery with less traffic, favorable weather, more fuel efficiency, etc. can be achieved with this idea.

The Fintech Industry

The fintech industry is embedded with technology that improves accuracy and profitability for their diverse activities (banking and financial services). AI is professionally streamlining their routine data entry and reporting practices, fraud detection, transaction assistance, consumer behaviour analysis through automation procedures. This startup idea benefits the entire human professionals of the financial industry, efficiently and economically.


A significant industry where your AI consulting services can triumph. This industry’s reliance for a significant amount of time and effort can be reduced with AI-based tech. The tech will enable them to gain experience and knowledge for generating the highest possible ROIs for their clients. The technology can accurately gauge marketing performance and can also offer advanced data analytics guaranteeing a baseline performance for a competitive edge.

AI-based Shopping or Retail

Artificial intelligence development can be purposed intelligently from the within the shopping or retail industry by offering customers personalization via. shopping apps, virtual assistants, and facial recognition by analyzing past purchase behaviours. By utilizing IoT sensors, and analyzing social media activities, AI’s deep learning can target specific ads, offers, or content on a timely basis to each customer, with a personalized touch.

Entertainment Industry

Your startup AI solutions company can develop recreational AI-enabled apps integrated with voice and image recognition technologies. This concept has rapid progress in today’s world and offers intelligent conversation interfaces, support, or chatbot features.

Home Management

Home automation is increasingly becoming popular with startup AI consulting services, through the use of smart home gadgets or devices, making home management pretty easy. It can be done by people through some taps from dedicated apps. And the most beneficial aspect of this idea is that these activities can be done from the comfort of their home or from halfway across the world.

So consider these ideas for your startup AI solutions company as it is highly profitable and required in this technological era with powerful potential and has a fiscal sense. And AI-based solutions are only going to be even bigger with time.