Powerful Examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications

April 15, 2020

Artificial Intelligence examples and applications has become a significant element of everyday human lives including the business scenario. Owing to the demand for AI-based solutions, there has been an incessant rise in the emergence of artificial intelligence companies worldwide.

Implementing artificial intelligence in any field and area transforms the work to be simple, easier, and quicker. In the business world, a majority of the organizations make the best use of voice recognition, a crucial AI technology. In the ongoing business world and competition, artificial technology and AI solutions are one of the widely discussed subjects.

Here’s a list of some powerful Artificial intelligence Examples (AI) applications that have been trending in the world for quite some time!

Customer Support

Today, most of the firms follow the highly technology-based customer chat support system, referred to as the chatbots. These chatbots render an outstanding customer support service and eliminate the need for investing a high amount. Generally, the traditional chat support used to consume a huge sum to be spent on unwanted resources. The automated and AI-based customer support will instantly let you know regarding the status of an order and will help you to find a product depending on a specific description. With the growing eCommerce business, the chatbots have made the online shopping experience enhancing and smoother one. Chatbots render an upselling opportunity and they maximize the user-retention by sending notifications.


Artificial intelligence has proven to be a game-changer in the healthcare industry. AI helps in securing the reports and details of the patients and aiding the surgical procedures. Due to the increasing costs and inefficiency, we have witnessed a huge drop-down of the performance put forth by the healthcare sectors. But AI has bought a drastic changeover. The AI-based assistants are helping the doctors with the schedule fixing, minimizing cost involved, and organizing the process with greater efficiency. The AI-empowered technologies aid healthcare professionals in analyzing the tissue samples and rendering a reliable diagnosis. The scope of AI has been advancing in the healthcare domain as the technology is aiding the patients to check the symptoms and get them diagnosed at an early stage of deadly diseases such as cancer, etc.

Retail and Shopping Experience

As we know, there has been a continuous and steady growth of retail and online stores around the world. The online shopping portals stores a vast amount of information regarding the buyers, their preferences, potential visitors, and the products. Google analytics also renders the eCommerce platforms with the needed data such as location details, browser and device used, etc. Incorporating the artificial intelligence solutions will enable the online stores to make the best use of the minute detail regarding every followed link, thereby, generating a customized solution based on your experience. The customization takes the following factors into account such as messages, visuals, etc. that turn out to be interesting for you. With the help of AI services, the online stores can automatically change the interface and currency along with sending the discount notifications for a specific product. AI has made the process of analyzing the purchasing decision of the buyers easy forretailers. Also, the transaction process has turned out to be as easy and quick one.

Social Media

Social media has become an integral element of our day-to-day life. Let it be any social media platform, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. artificial intelligence has taken over all of them. As we are using these apps consistently, most of our decisions revolving around these apps are widely influenced by the concept of artificial intelligence. From our timeline in each of these platforms to the notifications received, AI is present in each of them. The involvement of artificial intelligence service in social media eliminates the presence of spam content, thereby, presenting the users with only reliable information. AI helps in identifying the past searches, interactions, and behaviour of the users.


The finance business firms largely depend upon the real-time reporting, accuracy, and analysis of a bulk of data for generating crucial business decisions. Artificial intelligence development is quick and efficient and hence, enables the finance domain to implement the concepts of machine learning, chatbots, automation, etc. quickly into their mainstream process. The automated advisors are well-possessed with the proficiency of predicting the stock and preferences through the scanning of market data. The insight reports are based on accurate and factual financial data which is generated by scanning of accumulated information. This helps the analysts to save their valuable time.

To Wrap Up

The above-mentioned are the trending artificial intelligence examples and applications but there are a lot more. The AI-based technologies help marketing professionals to generate an insight report and create factual/informative content. The practice of artificial intelligence development in a business leads to minimal human intervention and thus, an accurate result can be derived towards the end. We can see that artificial intelligence services have a huge impact on society, our day-to-day lives, and the business system.

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