Steps to Understand Mobile App Development Life cycle

January 22, 2020

Mobile app development is a usual thing nowadays. There are several app developing companies as every business started to own a mobile app for them. It even has subgenres as iOS app development company, Android app development company and more. People tend to prefer mobile apps than websites. This can be understood by how many apps we carry in our mobile phone even without need.

As businessmen do not want to waste their time, they leave their mobile developing tasks to mobile app outsourcing companies. If you don’t know to code, mobile development will appear as armor for you. This exactly helps you in your revenue as well. Are you thinking of developing a mobile application? Then, you should know how the mobile app development life cycle goes on. Here are the steps of mobile app development.Research and Initiation

First of all, you should have a definition of your need to have an app. This is crucial as it pulls you ahead to know the features you must add in the app according to your needs. Through this, you will be able to have a clear cut idea about your app and how it should look like. Also, you should research the market trends and the best platform for it. What you have to do here is, find the answers to some questions.

  • What you need your app to do?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How your app should be used by your audience?
  • Which are your developing language and framework?
  • What are the trends in your market? Do your competitors have apps and what do they offer?
  • How much your app development will cost?
  • When you should launch the app? How much time it will take?
  • How the marketing of your app should take place?

Execution of Objectives

In this planning section, executing means the planning of how to execute the objectives. It includes taking the advice and suggestions of your target audience. Also, in this step, you should plan how your app is going to solve the problems of your customers. In short, this seems to be a very essential point of your app development as this helps you to set the correct objective and goal. The three main points of this step are-

  • When your app will work for your customers( the issues it will solve)
  • Features of your app
  • How appealing it will be for your target audience?


This is the final process in planning. Here you should finalize how you want your app to be. Also, you should find whether there is any change to be incorporated or removed. When your team agrees with the storyboard and wireframes you should build the interactive prototype.

Let the prototype be tested by anyone who doesn't know much about the app. Do not make it tested by your team members for the finalization. Make changes for the needs of your target audience, not for your easiness.

Through prototyping, you will get a chance to improve the app and remove the errors in it. It is a kind of trial through which you can understand the abilities and disabilities of your app. In this step, you have to, however, finalize your app.


This is the action time. Here you are going to give life to your application. Developing itself carries several steps. First of all, you have to create a developer account in the app store you selected for distributing your app. Then you should read the guidelines of your app store carefully. So that nothing in your app will make them reject you while reviewing the app.

Now you can move to the coding stage. If you are not happy with your talent on the developing task, you can outsource it to any mobile app development service provider. They can help you to develop more efficiently. But in here, you should take care of your safety first. Don't forget to get an NDA signed. Also, give them a deadline to finish the task.

In the next stage of developing, your designer will create the interfaces of your app and dummy of the whole app. This is the point where you have to figure out whether it needs any change or improvements. And at last of developing the original app will be born.


This stage leaves you with an application to test. What you have to do is take your planning and designing documents and test each and every feature you have mentioned in it. Don’t leave any features untested just because you have tested it in an earlier stage.

As said earlier, try testing with the other users as they will bring up more questions and confusion that you cannot find. It will help you to improve your app and make it flawless. You can even test it in the online mobile testing tools to find out any mistakes left. This will help you with live feedback and analytics. After this stage, you can get prepared for the launch of the app.


The success of the app sticks on the way you launch it. Getting your marketing team involved in it earlier is important. Keyword research can be done with the help of the marketing team. This will help you in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and ASO ( App Store Optimization). Through these, you will be able to get discovered easily.Allianze InfoSoft is a well-experienced outsourcing firm that offers complete business and IT solutions at a reasonable cost. If you are in search of a reliable outsourcing partner to assign your mobile Mobile App Development we are the perfect one for you. To know more drop us a mail at