How Does On-Demand Video Consultation Apps Works for Doctors and Medical Professionals?

May 21, 2020

The world and the business sectors, including the healthcare domain is experiencing countless digital trends and technological transformations within their functioning. To survive the existing global competition, the emergence of application development services like Video Consultation App has contributed to an immense role.

Wondering how? Take a look at this small instance! What if you experience a sudden headache while you are at work or severe constipation before the onset of an important business meeting? Will you take a leave and miss out on such a crucial business activity? This could have happened if the medical consultation apps wouldn’t have been invented.

The invention of such doctor consultation apps has benefited both the parties, i.e. the patients and the doctors. This customized application development acts as a platform for medical professionals to connect with their patients. Also, the patients can get the right and immediate treatment to their health issues via such online doctor consultations.

The online doctor consultation has started receiving a huge prominence in recent times as the telemedicine services aim at reducing the cost drastically. Such online consultation apps are widely used by patients for treating common health disorders such as sinus, flu, fever, allergies, and urinary tract infections.

How does the on-demand appointment or video consultation app work for medical professionals?

  • You can easily and smoothly establish a connection with the doctors virtually, without the need for visiting the hospitals or clinics.

  • With the utilization of an advanced and easy-to-use doctor consultation app, medical professionals can get in touch or consult with numerous patients

  • These online appointment consultation apps will generate digitized prescriptions to the patients, thereby, also saving the time of both the parties

  • Such application development services will make the process of accessing and retrieving the past or medical histories of the patients quickly

  • These online consultation apps can be of greater importance during the emergence of any sort of global crisis

Process Through Which the On-Demand Video Consultation App Works!

Though each online consultation might have certain varied features, the base of its functioning remains almost constant.

Stage 1 – To download the medical consultation app on your smartphone. Generally, they will be available on the Google Play Store.

Stage 2 – You need to create an account (patient’s log) and enter the symptoms faced by you. While creating an account, the app might ask for certain basic information such as your name, age, occupation, and area of residency.

Stage 3 – Depending upon your symptom and health condition, the app will help you locate the nearby medical professional or clinic.

Stage 4 – Once the patient finds their appropriate doctor or physician, you can schedule an appointment via a video call, and with the help of an in-built calendar.

Stage 5 – This is the important stage as it deals with the communication between the doctor and the patient. You can discuss your symptoms, get health solutions, advice, assigning of lab tests (if needed), etc.

Stage 6 – Once you are done with the consultation, the patient can make the medical payment (or consultation fee) through the online payment gateway. The app will endow you with the receipts, once the payment gets successful. Also, you will receive the medical prescriptions and recommendations by the doctor in a digital form via the app.

Stage 7 – The last stage is the feedback session wherein both parties can put forward their experience in the form of valuable feedback.

Common Features of the Online Doctor Video Consultation App

  1. Easy booking or simplified appointment session

  2. Easy-to-do registration process and creation of your profile

  3. Live chat, video conference, and calling feature

  4. Digital prescriptions being sent to the nearby pharmacies

  5. Multiple options available to make the payment

  6. Tracking of patient records and medication

  7. Feedback, suggestions, and review posting

  8. Available filter options (such as a cardiologist, child specialist, gynecologist, dentist, etc.)

As a majority of the health-based organizations lack the capability of developing an online consultation app in-house, there has been widespread growth in the AI development companies, providing the best app development services. Here’s a brief on their way of developing an online medical consultation app.

  • Filling the contact form that is available on the website of an artificial development service provider and listing out your software requirements.

  • Fixing a budget-friendly quote, signing off the NDA, clarifying your project details, and getting in constant touch with the assigned project manager.

  • Successfully segregating the app features into piece-by-piece into short user stories, thereby, making it easy for implementation.

  • Next involves the coding, testing, and bug-fixing stage.

  • Implementing more sophisticated features and accomplishing the consent of the healthcare business.

  • Finally, launching your online consultation app within the global market.

The doctor consultation app has huge importance in our present environment as we are fighting to survive against the life-threatening COVID 19 or Coronavirus outbreak. This crisis has limited our movement, thereby, reducing the frequent visit to the hospitals for checkups, etc. But, with the use of various available medical consultation apps, you can keep the checkup process and communication with your doctors possible.

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