8 Ways How AI is Transforming the Sports Industry

September 21, 2020

Before we get into the topic of discussion, let us know, have you watched the movie named ‘Moneyball’? Well, it is one of the best examples of AI-driven data performance in the sports domain. The movie is based around the theme of utilizing the data analytics and statistical data to develop a competitive team. In recent times, the sports industry has been embracing advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence development and augmented reality.

To survive the thrust of the growing market competition and to exploit the new opportunities, hiring a professional artificial intelligence development company is a wise move. These AI companies will help your sports vertical to gather the data from the games and training sessions, thereby, enhancing the performance of the players.

Here’s a look at the 8 ways through which artificial intelligence can transform the sports industry!

Monitoring the Health

Artificial intelligence techniques comprise of the best predictive abilities that can be beneficial in maintaining the health and fitness of the sports players. AI has also become a significant part of the medical kits that will help in accessing the player’s fitness. The technology will also aid in diagnosing the various physical or mental diseases, right at the initial stage. The wearables based on the AR or AI technologies are beneficial in monitoring the player’s movements and will also help in detecting cardiovascular and other diseases.

Player Recruitment

The concept of artificial intelligence development can be applied within the sports industry. It will help in analyzing the performance of the recruits. Integrating diverse AI-powered devices or wearables based on big data and machine learning can help you to keep a record of the player’s performance. The details will also include data history such as goals, runs, or scores made. It will help you to formulate a decision regarding the investment into a player.

Fan Engagement

The chatbots and virtual assistants that are built upon the AI technologies and hence, it will help the players to develop a friendly engagement with their fans. With the integration of chatbots or virtual assistants, the viewers can also get detailed information about a specific sport. These AI-driven chatbots can help the fans to know the ticket booking status, find out the checking point, gets details regarding match schedules, or make certain enquiries regarding a specific tournament.


Artificial intelligence development is used to process and examine previous and present programs associated with coaching or training. It will help in creating an exceptional and quality results. The AI-based wearable devices can help you to get a better understanding of a specific training or workout session and will also help in detecting the minor alterations in the player’s performance. The coaches can monitor the position and performance of the players, followed by examining their speed through the advanced AI systems. In short, AI development can boost the decision-making progress.

Enhancing Ad Opportunities

The artificial intelligence can detect the finest and memorable moments of a game as it will ease the process of monitoring the action and expressions of the players. AI will also help in identifying the commentator’s language and thereby, offer the subtitles for an ongoing game/match. The huge population or viewers can easily understand the progress. Well, with a deeper analysis of this situation, the advertisers can choose a time to advertise their products, grabbing the best attention of the audience amid the match. Technologies such as AI development will promote sports marketing by detecting the best camera angles that are vital for a match. With a thorough analysis of the previous statistical count, the AI will help in offering the crucial information about the sport to the commentators, thereby, enhancing the live commentary.

Precise Referring

Referring is a vital benefit of integrating artificial intelligence into the sports domain, especially cricket. Contemporary technologies such as Hawk-Eye make the optimal utilization of AI development practices to derive at a certain solution in instances such as – deciding whether the player is out or not, whether it is a case of the leg before wicket, etc. Overall, the AI technology will transform the game into a credible one based on the fair rules. The best two examples of AI technologies in the sports field is the DRS (Decision Review System) and Video Assistant Referee (VAR).

Automated Journalism

With the emergence and success of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the concept of automated journalism will soon turn out to be a reality. It can change the complete broadcasting concept of the sports world. Devices built on AI and machine learning can prepare and give out the real-time reports on a specific sports match. Presently, AI development companies help to create videos or highlight videos of a specific match. Generally, preparing such videos manually can consume a lot of your time and effort. But, with AI technology, things are quite easy as the AI-powered system will identify the best or highlighted moments from a match.

Optimizing Player’s Performance

With a mix of AI and sensor technologies, the sports industry can notice an enhancement in the player’s techniques. It renders real-time feedback about the performance of the players and these contemporary technologies have a crucial role in generating personalized training and other improvement programs. The ultimate aim is to optimize the performance of the players, making the best use of every exercise.

Wrapping Up

We are living in a digital world where we have the opportunity to extract the best benefits from advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, sensor technologies, and so on. Hiring a professional artificial development company will help in gathering the data from various sources, thereby, easing the techniques of improving the player’s performance. Allianze InfoSoft is the globally leading and well-recognized AI development company, having the right mix of professionals and technologies, capable of bringing the needed successive transformations to the sports industry. Feel free to discuss your project with us at [email protected]