To-Be-Watched Out eCommerce Web Design Trends in 2020

January 06, 2020

eCommerce has evolved to be one of the expanding business sectors across the world. The thriving competition in the eCommerce vertical is urging the firms to stay ahead of each other with the consolidation of advanced and trending eCommerce web design and features.

The world of the web has become a popularly pursued platform by various business firms, including eCommerce, for the depiction of their services/products. It also acts as the best medium for imparting the information and updating the customers about emerging business solutions.

Website design is one of the substantial factors, playing a crucial role in the success of an eCommerce portal. The concept of web design keeps progressing and every fresh day brings out a unique design that has the potency to transform your website into an extraordinary one. And quite often, most of the eCommerce businesses deteriorate to keep a consistent update with these changing trends. Hence, they approach an eCommerce website design company to meet their end-to-end needs.

The patterns and layouts which were neglected once, have found a peculiar place in the on-going web design trends. In this capitalistic business environment, it is of prime relevance to analyze and reevaluate your implemented web designs. This is integral for meeting an increased customer-satisfaction and enhanced user-experience level.

Listing below is a few upcoming eCommerce web design trends in the year 2020.

Material Designs – These designs are experiencing wide popularity across the varied eCommerce websites and more online shopping portals are coming up with the need for this concept (material designs). This kind of design has minimal focus on appearance as it concentrates more on content factors. Material designs will be formulating a precise and realistic appearance with the inclusion of concepts such as depth, motion, and shadow effects.

Animations and Still ImagesIn 2020, the eCommerce platforms will witness a rise in the consumption of animation and still images. These still images are referred to as ‘Cinemagraphs’. The purpose of adding animations would be to improve the visual appearance of an eCommerce website. Gone are the days, when dull and static pages used to bring in minimal traffic to the website. Animations find an interesting place on the banners displayed on the home page and it renders an exquisite shopping experience for your online customers. Still images or cinemagraphs are another trending eCommerce web design trend that will rule the market. A bit of animation effect can be added to the cinemagrahs to avoid making it dull or interesting. Apart from the mentioned ones, other interesting features such as CTA (call-to-action) button, icon changeover, etc. will be successfully grabbing the attention of users.

Impressive Colors – As we all know, colors are one of the elements that occupy the power to convince and manipulate the purchasing power of audiences. The use of striking and impressive colors on your eCommerce website can take away the breath of your audience at first sight. We have seen that in the previous years, the eCommerce portals focused majorly on white space and fewer colors. But, this would be replaced with the use of striking and bright colors in 2020. Apart from generating the aesthetic effect, the colors are also used to make a powerful connection with the audiences. In fact, the use of wise colors will bring a positive shopping experience to your eCommerce website. During 2020, the global business circle will be witnessing an increased number of eCommerce websites with eye-catchy and colorful homepages.

Chatbots – 2020 will bring in chatbots with AI (artificial intelligence) integrated on the eCommerce websites. The emerging chatbots (also known as the digital assistants) will enhance the functioning of your eCommerce business in multiple innovative ways. This will help your online shopping portal to serve your precious customers in a special and engaging way. Certain chatbots are customized in a unique way to create a positive purchasing decision and offer the discount codes. Introducing the chatbots as a part of the web designs will be a trending concept to be witnessed in 2020.

Hamburgers – Presently, most of the websites, including the eCommerce platforms are placing the hamburger menus on the left side of the web page. They are quite popular and are considered to be one of the easiest ways of hiding and exposing the menu (according to the requirements). This will prevent your user from the unwanted distractions, especially on the home page. Though it hasn’t yet gained wide recognition, 2020 will be seeing more of hamburger icons. The hamburger menus are intended to keep the eCommerce website clean and spacious. It will contribute to adding greater aesthetic value to your eCommerce website.

Voice Search – Does your eCommerce website possess the feature of voice search? If not, it is better to optimize your eCommerce website with the voice search services. Placing the voice search feature on every eCommerce website will offer you with fruitful outcomes in 2020. Very soon, a majority of the internet requests will be made available with the assistance of voice services. The ultimate purpose of voice search is to offer a greater customer-experience to the customers.

To Conclude…

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2020 will be the year of new, innovative, and extraordinary eCommerce web design techniques. The growing popularity of the eCommerce online stores are leading the finest way for developing trending web designs. This is essential to drive in more customers and enhance the sales process. The globally established web design companies are diverting their valuable resources, creative thoughts, and efforts into bringing out the versatile designs to boost your business.