Customer Journey Mapping: What Is It and Why You Need One?

September 16, 2021

What will you do when you are stressed? Go for a movie, drink a beer, or consult with a doctor? Whatever be the answer, we can see that human beings are always in need of something. We all are in search of something that satisfies our needs. A marketplace is somewhere we all try to satisfy various human needs at times. In other words, the success of a business firm depends on the amount of satisfaction it has provided to its customers. But how can we make a track record of this 'amount of satisfaction' at different periods? Can customer journey mapping help it? Is it sufficient enough to get authentic results related to the performance of your company? Let us go forward if you feel like answering 'YES'.

Customer journey mapping What it is and why you need one

Experts will say that a product fits in the market when 40% of its regular customers will get disappointed when they fail to reach it anymore. If your product makes the consumers like that, you don't even need to spend a lot on advertisements, but the satisfied customers will bring more clients. At the same time, tracking this customer satisfaction is remains a hurdle, and it is a question that business transformation services must be careful of. Here comes the role of customer journey mapping.

Defining Customer Journey Mapping

We can define it as the process that visually illustrates customer interactions with your brand on period. Customer Journey Mapping gives you a visual storyline that depicts each engagement that your customers made with your product. It provides the opportunity to find the weaker areas of business you need to focus more on. It also helps you to ensure that you are going along the right track.

As a whole, it helps you to take into the customer's shoes and understand their point of view. Digital marketing services give prime concern for developing such updated techniques as technology has increased the possibilities of interacting with consumers. Especially after the pandemic, we have experienced a thrive in the usage of online channels that ensures more customized services, understanding and tracking them becomes more important nowadays.

Questions to Ask

Always keep some basic questions in mind before stepping towards developing a customer journey map, for which you need to get some clear answers.

  1. What are the things customers usually do to get the products?
  2. What do they feel/say about reaching the product or service?
  3. How do they rate the product or service after using it?
  4. What do the customers wish to, but do not get when consuming the product?

A customer journey map must provide answers to all these questions, and it is essential to confront when presenting your product to the mass. Let us go a little deeper.

Identifying Customer Touchpoints

Touchpoint refers to the point where the customer comes in interaction with the brand or product. It includes the interactions before, during, and after the purchase. These interactions can be online or offline, through marketing, or even over the phone. For example, a moneylender agency can have the customer touchpoints as follows:

  • Noticing an advertisement on a digital platform mentioning the better interest rate for lending money.
  • They search for the official site and go with an online application for a loan.
  • Customer executives having a conversation with the client and help them finish the process.
  • They will have to have a face-to-face interaction with the office to verify the necessary KYC documents.
  • After completing the process, the client receives the money with a receipt via email or SMS.

The collection of these touchpoints need to be analyzed carefully to get a specific picture of how your client responds to your brand at various times. That way, you can listen to what your customer feels about the product, and it will help you improve customer interaction and product design. The ultimate aim is to make them happy and achieve better business growth.

Identifying Customer Painpoints

Accumulating the whole touchpoints of a customer can give you a better picture of business performance. By analyzing them with specific tools, you can find where things are going right and wrong. It gives you a wider perspective as a whole. Asking yourselves some questions like,

  • Are these clients could achieve their goals by going through the website?
  • What are the areas of frustration, where are people feel difficult to go forward with the purchase?
  • What can be the reason for abandoning the site?

Should be the basic rule for it. Always give importance to collect negative feedbacks since they are the roadway to betterment. By accumulating all these, develop a customer journey map on which you can mark these pain points or roadblocks.

Mapping tools

The main resource required for customer journey mapping is research data from various sources. You can rely upon digital marketing or business transformation services for extracting data from specific sources. Modern techniques like artificial intelligence development will also help enhance the efficiency of collecting necessary data information for developing a customer journey map.

Let us take a look at the tools that are used for it.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

NPS represents the measure of chances to recommend the specific product to some peers. At the same time, CES indicates the effort that the consumers made in interacting with your brand. In addition to these, the channels through which you wish to execute customer survey also plays vital importance. As the digital modes of business have found new possibilities, joining hands with experienced digital marketing services always find help.

Envision your Future

The most astonishing benefit of customer journey mapping is foreseeing the future. It can stand as a pathbreaker for developing your corporate strategy. As we have already mentioned, it will enhance productivity, profitability, and brand-building through customer satisfaction. At the same time, by identifying the pain points, you can have a better outlook about the infrastructural and organizational needed to implement futuristic business strategies. You can also pictorially represent how the consumers view the product or services that you provide. Also, you can have an effective organizational discussion within the company about it. No doubt, it will help for better coordination. As it develops an empathy for customers, your employees and partners will have a better focus and clarity about the future, which results in joining hands together for good.


The smartest business entrepreneurs do not take too much time to identify that they are not going in the right direction with their product. When every business firm tries hard to take over one another with the most updated technologies like artificial intelligence development, a simple mistake can cause you serious trouble. In this scenario, customer journey mapping can be the right solution to make a data-driven, customer-centered, and effective solution for the hurdles that you face in business. You cannot rely upon mere luck, but hard work, dedication, planning, and of course, developing the right business strategies.

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