How AI-powered biometric authentication system makes authentication smarter?

January 06, 2022

As we can see, the hyper-connected digital world creates severe security threats. Both online and offline, the need to make better security has become essential nowadays. Even we all know or use the facilities of biometric identification with fingerprint, face recognition, or voice. In fact, it gets more popularity among mobile phone users. Biometric authentication is not exactly identifying a person but authenticating the person is really you are. In other words, when biometric identification says who you are, biometric authentication responds to the question, 'are you really you?' What we discuss here is how it becomes smarter with automated techniques.

Biometric Authentication is Smart but AI Makes It Smarter

Various Methods of Biometric Authentication

In general, a biometric device includes three components. First, a reader or scanning device that extracts data from the individual within a fraction of seconds. Second, the technology to convert and compare collected biometric data. Third, a database for storage. It all operates effectively and handles enormous data successfully within secured systems. It reduces hurdles in collecting, analyzing, and storing difficulties involved with traditional methods. Here we give some updated methods used for biometric authentication.

  • Chemical biometric devices like DNA matching helps to identify a person's identity precisely. It is one of the most authentic and valid methods to prove someone's identity.
  • Visual biometric devices like retina scanning, iris recognition, fingerprint scanning, signature verification, ear authentication, etc used to identify individuals.
  • With hand geometry recognition, we can authorize transactions made by a person measuring the distance between various parts of the hand.
  • The vein or Vascular scanners identify vein patterns and use it for authenticating individual identity.

In all these cases, we can see a common thing about the process of biometric authentication. Devices need to compare data extracted from the person and identify its uniqueness comparing it with millions of other data sets. How is it done? We have heard of fingerprint experts comparing fingerprints of different culprits and finding matches. But when handling an enormous amount of data, is it practical? We know it is not. It is exactly where we use automation and machine learning services to find smart solutions for this.

Biometric Authentication and AI

You can imagine the possible benefits an automated fingerprint examination tool can bring in saving time and giving fast results analyzing enormous data. For example, the United States has implemented an Automated Fingerprint Identification System ( AFIS) to make fingerprint analysis effective and quick. As a result, the analysis of suspected culprits can become a matter of a few clicks. If there finds a match, the examiner can double-check the two prints to confirm the match. It can also maintain better security over possible manipulations and fraudsters. Let us see some more other techniques in detail.

Techniques of Keystroke Dynamics

It is something that makes automated biometric authentication the smartest with the help of an AI development company. Since the typing patterns of each individual varies, just like their fingerprints, AI can recognize these differences. Analyzing the time taken to type, dwell time, and fight time, AI help to authenticate the identity of a person. Dwell time refers to the time taken to press a particular key, and fight time is the time to release it. In addition, an AI development company will help you find the frequently used keys to authenticate the identity.

Facial Recognition and AI

We all are familiar with facial recognition tools. But it can be fooled easily by showing a 2D visual of the concerned individual. It is not very rare to fool such systems like these. But, AI can find help here with 3D biometric facial recognition technology. AI can compare the facial patterns of a person with millions of others and find unique characteristics of the face. Even if the person wears a mask or tries to fake a picture, AI can detect it. Also, with the help of machine learning services, the efficiency of such tools increases as they handle more data. It iterates in time brings more results in a quick time.

Voice Recognition and AI

Voice recognition can get used in many ways. For home automated systems, smartphones, music players, and many more. But in many cases, various external factors like noise, frequency variations, etc will make the system fail to recognize the voice. With the help of artificial intelligence development services, we can find the best solutions for this. They can analyze various aspects of every voice pattern. Speed, tone, accent, etc can get analyzed efficiently for verification. Also, they can extract meaning from naturally spoken words by analyzing accents. As a result, it is widely used in business areas and workplaces to authenticate attendance.

Wrapping Up

The modern world has modern problems, and it requires modern solutions. The fast progressing world demands the fastest resolutions for everything. Even a slight buffer in network connection can make a broadband provider lose millions in minutes. Likewise, everyone tries to get better with their functions, being smart, fast, surviving, and thriving. Automation is thus, the most essential way to achieve efficiency, only if done right. It is not something that replaces human intelligence but assists it with effective results.

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