Integration of WooCommerce Solution with Existing WordPress Site

It seems like everybody wants eCommerce these days. Every day, we're getting requests to convert existing websites into eCommerce websites. Maybe you just want a small shop with a few items, or maybe you have a large inventory to offer. Either way, WooCommerce is a perfect choice!

Our Client

An Apparel Company

Details of Our Client

Based out of Edinburgh, UK, our client is a one-stop-shop for custom T-shirt printing. With over a decade of combined experience in the industry, their team specializes in high-quality shirt printing and strives to maintain excellent customer service. The client also offers coupons and discounts as incentives for returning customers.

The Motive of Our Client

The client was new to eCommerce and wanted us to build a website that sets them apart from their competitors. We recommended that they use a CMS so that they can add and remove content themselves.

Challenges Encountered During the Process:

  • We were suggested to categorize the products as a way of displaying them.
  • The client wanted the website to be powered by a CMS that would provide the necessary features, be simple to use, and be accessible to everyone.
  • The website needed to have a clean and easily navigable interface.
  • The client also asked us to make the website mobile-friendly.
  • Our client's WooCommerce plug-in was updated halfway through the process of making their website. We didn't struggle to implement it, but it did mean that we had to work harder than we'd initially anticipated.
  • Planning and testing took considerable time, but we were still able to offer the solution on time.

What Were the Solutions Provided by Our Team?

We designed a bespoke eCommerce website for our client using the WordPress CMS and the WooCommerce plug-in. We designed the client's website with a focus on clean design and customer-friendly features, such as a slider at the top of the homepage to highlight their key services. The client could add many customized T-shirt designs to their website. We selected a straightforward layout for the website, which allowed us to easily apply new themes. We used a technique that does not affect the core structure, and we integrated plug-ins to increase functionality. The online store uses a private account for each client, which allows the client to manage inventory, process orders, and generate transaction reports. We use a variety of tools and technologies to build our clients' websites. WordPress, REST API for third-party solutions, and WooCommerce & its plugins are just a few of them.

The Final Outcome…

Our team built a website that was customized to the client's needs and featured high usability and appealing aesthetics. Visitors to the site increased instantly. To get more details about our WooCommerce or eCommerce development services, contact us at [email protected]