Detecting Manufacturing Flaws Via AI-Based Computer Vision Technologies

What Sort of Customer Did We Have?

We recently assisted a client from the United States, whose manufacturing firm is situated in California. Our customer was a rapidly expanding retail behemoth with manufacturing facilities across the United States. Their fundamental goal has been to operate the production system in order to produce customer-satisfied products/items/goods since the beginning.

What Exactly Was Their Issue?

Despite the fact that they had a team of internal fault detection inspectors, they were exhausted and the process appeared to be incredibly difficult. Following several inspections, they were often receiving complaints about product flaws. As a result of these challenges, productivity began to suffer, and the supply graph began to decline in comparison to early sales. The manufacturing company wanted their products to be defect-free. This is due to the importance of these items adhering to industry standards and government laws.

How Did Allianze InfoSoft Assist Our Client in Resolving These Issues?

Allianze InfoSoft is home to professional and dedicated AI developers. We deployed less expensive AI-technologies to detect the manufacturing faults.

Areas where we were able to cut costs:

  • Detecting and monitoring problematic products
  • Alerting both retailers and customers about product problems
  • Destruction and repackaging of defective products

Our client benefited greatly from our visual AI-based technology. It was largely due to the accuracy with which product defects were identified and reported. We taught an AI visual system to spot defects that prevent a product from reaching its full potential.

Broken products, scrapes, fractures or dust, missing parts, and other issues were detected by our AI or vision-based quality control system, which alerted merchants and customers. This wasn't a simple assignment to complete. Our AI programmers worked hard to train a computer vision system using thousands of photos. Each image revealed a different type of defects.

A high-resolution camera was installed at the production unit’s assembling department. The visual AI system was linked to the camera. It aided the facilities in quickly identifying, removing, and replacing defective products. Visual AI-based solutions today are heavily reliant on cloud-based servers.

What Was the Outcome?

  • Successful package inspection
  • Notable reduction in defects
  • Firm received immense customer-retention testimonials

Build Your AI Vision-Based Quality Control System with Allianze InfoSoft

Allianze InfoSoft, we build visual AI systems for nearly any industry and application. Whether the visual inspection use case is defect detection, product inventory control, or another visual task, Allianze InfoSoft's computer vision technology can complete the task faster and more accurately.