Effortless Digital Transformation: Grow Your Business with Our Scanning and Indexing Services

Document scanning and indexing signifies the process of transforming physical documents into digital formats and organizing them for effortless retrieval and management. Document scanning and indexing have attained wide popularity in the business scenario. The digital transformation and increased demand for remote work also require businesses to streamline their document management processes.

Why Outsourcing Document Scanning and Indexing Service is a Need

Implementing document scanning and indexing is significant for businesses as it helps to stay competitive, efficient, and adaptable in the advanced digital era. Even though certain businesses are left to realize the true potential of document scanning and indexing. Hiring an in-house team for this process requires extra expense and effort. When businesses hesitate to leverage document scanning and indexing, they are prone to certain challenges, including inefficient document retrieval, limited accessibility, increased risk of loss or damage, inefficient space utilization, compliance, regulatory challenges, lack of document security, inefficient workflow processes, and ineffective disaster recovery. Therefore, partnering with a reputed document scanning and indexing outsourcing service provider will be the best decision.


How Allianze Infosoft Becomes Your Loyal Aide

Our experts at Allianze Infosoft help you confront those challenges with our state-of-the-art document scanning and indexing service. We assist you in attaining numerous benefits, such as increased accessibility, enhanced efficiency, and cost savings. By transforming physical documents into digital formats and structuring them with precise indexing, you can effortlessly seek, retrieve, and share information. This will result in rapid decision-making, enhanced productivity, and streamlined workflows.


Digital Transformation Made Easy with Allianze Infosoft’s Document Scanning and Indexing Services

Numerous firms are making use of document scanning and indexing services to streamline their document management process. At Allianze Infosoft, we provide different types of scanning and indexing services to cater to the distinct requirements of businesses.


Bulk Document Scanning

Firms that have bulk amounts of documents to be digitized will benefit greatly from our bulk document scanning service. This includes the faster scanning of documents in bulk using high-capacity document scanners. Our bulk document scanning is suitable for back-file conversion or converting whole archives into digital format.


On-Demand Document Scanning

Our on-demand scanning services are suitable for firms that necessitate the scanning of documents on an as-needed basis. It includes scanning individual documents or small batches of documents upon request. It is highly flexible, and we help you digitize documents without the requirement for extensive in-house scanning infrastructure.


Large Format Scanning

This service is mainly developed for oversized documents like engineering drawings, blueprints, maps, or architectural plans. Customized large-format scanners are used to capture the content of these documents precisely. Digital files can be stored, indexed, and retrieved effortlessly.


Book Scanning

Our book-scanning service involves transforming physical books or bound documents into a digital format while maintaining the integrity of the actual content. The advanced book scanners in our firm comprise features including gentle page-turning, centering, and flattening mechanisms to assure the preservation and retrieval of the information they contain.


Document Indexing and Metadata Services

Our document indexing service involves classifying, organizing, and assigning metadata to digitized documents for better retrieval. Our experts use different techniques, including manual indexing, automated indexing depending on predefined rules, or even modern technologies, including machine learning, for intelligent indexing.


OCR and Data Capture Services

Our Optical Character Recognition service includes the process of transforming scanned images or PDFs into editable and searchable text. The advanced technology we employ ensures full-text search, text extraction, and data capture from digitally converted documents. Leveraging our service, you can make the scanned documents text-searchable and enable automated data extraction.


Document Management System Implementation

We provide the implementation of document management systems (DMS) along with scanning and indexing. This offers you a centralized platform for storing, managing, and retrieving digitized documents efficiently, in addition to features including version control, access control, and workflow automation.

These are the common kinds of document scanning and indexing services we provide. However, we are capable of delivering end-to-end solutions that satisfy your unique scanning and indexing requirements.

Choosing Excellence: The Case for Our Services

We at Allianze Infosoft provide effective document scanning and indexing outsourcing services to solve any challenges businesses confront.

Our experts in document scanning and indexing ensure accurate and organized digital repositories. This allows fast and effortless retrieval of documents through the latest search functions and comprehensive metadata, saving precious time and boosting productivity.
As a result of digitizing documents and utilizing cloud-based solutions, we offer seamless remote access to files from anywhere at any time. This encourages collaboration among teams, enables effective information sharing, and removes the limitations of physical document access.
We facilitate businesses to automate document routing, approvals, and notifications by integrating document management systems or workflow software. This helps to streamline workflow processes, mitigate human errors and delays, and enhance total functioning efficiency.
We give prime importance to data security and employ robust measures to safeguard sensitive information. At Allianze Infosoft, we reduce the risks of unauthorized access, data loss, and breaches with our encryption, backup solutions, access controls, and secure storage that guarantees confidentiality and compliance. In addition, we have complied with the standards of ISO/ IEC 27001:2013, SOC 2 Type 2, and HIPAA.
We provide powerful backup systems and disaster recovery plans. We safely keep electronic copies of documents, assuring faster data recovery and restoration in the case of a disaster. This reduces downtime and minimizes the risks of data loss or disruptions to business operations.
We are familiar with the industry regulations and compliance needs. We strictly adhere to data privacy, legal obligations, and retention policies, assisting businesses to satisfy their compliance requirements efficiently and preventing them from any potential penalties.

Allianze Infosoft – Amplifies Your Data Capabilities with Document Scanning and Indexing Service

Employing our cutting-edge technologies and effective strategies in document scanning and indexing, we help you convert your physical documents into high-quality digital files, avoiding the requirement for bulky file cabinets and time-consuming manual searches. Thereby, you can witness a 50% increase in revenue and productivity. The professionals we house meticulously index each document, employing brilliant metadata and tags, enabling smoother information retrieval. We provide instant access to significant data at your fingertips from anywhere and anytime in the globe with just some clicks. Thereby, you can witness a 50% increase in revenue and productivity.

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