Recognizing and Retrieving Subjective Information from Source Material Skillfully

Presenting Our Client

We are glad to introduce one of our British clients. Our customer was an Edinburgh-based international game development firm. They served almost 100 million global viewers as an authentic and established game development company. Since their beginning, they have earned a reputation for creating ground-breaking mobile games with unprecedented user interaction.

Barriers Encountered by Our Client

Our valuable client faced challenges related to time-consuming customer feedback analysis. This was the underlying issue put forth by them. As previously said, gamers are continually active on social media platforms, blogging and sharing about new game releases. Customer feedback analysis is critical during the product development process, and in this case, game creation. Processing a large amount of unstructured data in the form of feedbacks is impossible.

As a result, the game developer's primary concern was the amount of manual effort required by the social research department. The social research team was tasked with copying all comments from online platforms and categorizing it by sentiment and theme. These writings offer critical details about the game's numerous facets, such as its developers, interface, pricing, and engine. Our client desired to keep track of each of these details independently. Later, the reports must be exported in a manner that the social research department can easily use.

How Did Allianze InfoSoft Assist Our Client in Overcoming Difficulties?

With the client's needs in mind, our specialized team of artificial intelligence experts developed a customer feedback solution that allowed for the rapid download and analysis of all evaluations from various internet forums. The application consolidated all evaluations into a single database, allowing our client to quickly locate precise facts and sentiment regarding a particular subject. Later on, the data can be exported in a format chosen by the client. The solution was powered by custom trained NLP models that were trained to grasp the game's dialect. The models were critical in determining the solution, as players employ their own tone, some of which is extremely difficult to grasp.

Outcome of Our Initiatives

Allianze InfoSoft's solutions assisted our client in reducing the cost, resources, and time associated with manual data retrieval and online review classification. The client saw a noticeable improvement in the social research department's operation. Additionally, they noticed a considerable improvement in the quality of insights after a few months of deploying our system. The solution reduced the amount of bias introduced by different individuals' perceptions of the data. Additionally, it enhanced decision-making based on these facts. Want to make the best use of your time, reach us out to get the accurate sentiment analysis solutions