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Keeping a Track of Your Internal Business Processes - HRMS Development Service

Keeping a Track of Your

Internal Business Processes

Our corporate clients will be introduced to one of Allianze InfoSoft's newest products, HRMS. Our HRMS product aids in the management of today's workforce, including data management, payroll, recruitment, and employee attendance, among other things.

Assisting You in Choosing Your Most Trusted Business Software

Taking care of your people is our priority, and we strive to provide the best talent management solutions through our software. Make our product a part of your company and you'll be able to get rid of the paperwork in your office. You may quickly store the information in an online people database that is up to date with updated personnel profiles.

Our HRMS Product

Your Work Simplifying Tool

Any organization, from small startups to Fortune 100 enterprises, agencies, or fast-growing businesses, will benefit from our extensive and economical HRMS product.

Where Can Our Human Resource Management System Be Used?

  • Invoice management and report generation
  • Shortening robust payroll management
  • Storing and preserving detailed asset data

Features of InfoSoft’s

HRMS Product

Core HR

Our feature will automate all administrative tasks associated with human resources. This feature maintains all of your employees' current information.

Core HR - Allianze Infosoft HRMS Product Feature
  • Leave Application - Employees can request extended leave in advance. Leaves shall be applied in accordance with the leave policy. The core human resource component will keep track of all leave requests made by an employee.

  • Attendance Monitoring - This feature streamlines attendance management by integrating biometrics. Additionally, the tool tracks an employee's overtime hours worked. If employees fail to pun ch in and out on time, they will be notified.

  • Employee Document Management - Employees have access to and control over all of their documents in a central location. This tool will assist employees in accessing their files by allowing them to upload and view papers. The administrative staff can search for employee documents using a variety of filtering options.

HR Calendar - Allianze Infosoft HRMS Product Feature

HR Calendar

The feature includes an HR calendar that will help you stay organized with your business and team. This simplifies the process of managing leave, company objectives, project deadlines, meetings, and event preparation. In a nutshell, our calendar tool will bring your team together. Our real-time dashboards enable you to manage your projects. The calendar feature will prompt you to remember the following:

  • Holidays    
  • Upcoming birthdays    
  • Leave requests    
  • Training sessions    
  • Scheduled meetings or events

Recruitment Process

Our product simplifies the process of matching the appropriate individual to the appropriate job. You can use our software to handle your recruitment process in a more tailored manner. When a position becomes available, you must complete a form in order to hire the best candidate. The program will notify you of any open positions within your organization by integrating multiple job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and others. Among the additional characteristics are the following:

  • Interview scheduling
  • Managing the offer process
  • Reviews and analyze candidate performance
Recruitment Process - Allianze Infosoft HRMS Product Feature
Payroll Management - Allianze Infosoft HRMS Product Feature

Payroll Management

With a simple click, our solution will assist you in handling your payroll process. Our team's HRMS product will manage all of your employees' financial information. It will maintain a continuous record of this financial facts. Additionally, this capability aids in the management of all corporate compliances. This tool can be used to define the various components of employee compensation. Employees can generate a pay slip with a single click at the end of each month.

  • Leave salary processing    
  • Multi-currency payroll    
  • Helping employees with loans and advances    
  • EMI calculation    
  • Generating loan reports    
  • Arrears and Retro Salary Calculation

Managing Performance

Our HRMS product enables you to establish goals for your personnel. It will assist you in evaluating your employees' performance. The application will aid in the review of comments obtained from various departments and personnel. You can evaluate an employee throughout the recruitment process and until he or she leaves the organization. Additionally, this component has the following characteristics:

Managing Performance - Allianze Infosoft HRMS Product Feature
  • Goal planning and creation    
  • Various assessment frameworks    
  • In-depth performance analysis    
  • Solution-focused planning    
  • Monitoring goal progress
Task Maintenance Sheet - Allianze Infosoft HRMS Product Feature

Task Maintenance Sheet

Our tool will assist your team in effectively managing their everyday responsibilities. You can use our platform to easily plan, estimate, develop, and test projects/tasks. Daily status updates are available for each job and project. If the task is not finished on time, the tool will notify you through email.

  • Project creation – Creating an unlimited number of projects and allocating them to the appropriate staff.
  • Creating Team – Creating teams based on the requirements of the project. Employees who are affected will be advised of the team's formation.
  • Creation of Daily Task Sheet – At the end of the day, employees must precisely complete the page and record their work reports.

Employee Survey

Our team's HRMS tool will assist you in developing a more effective staff. You may quickly conduct an employee survey to elicit vital feedback or thoughts from your employees. The employee engagement survey can be tailored to measure the numerous aspects that contribute to job performance optimization. Additionally, the survey will show employee thoughts and comments that will help your organization flourish. Additionally, this survey tool will allow employees to discuss their job experiences.

Employee Survey - Allianze Infosoft HRMS Product Feature
  • Improves overall work environment    
  • Analyzing employee perspective    
  • Helps in focusing on people rather than process    
Remote Work - Allianze Infosoft HRMS Product Feature

Remote Work

Our product has the potential to enable the creation of a connected workforce. The HRMS product provides employers with flexibility in a variety of ways, including welcoming employees digitally, creating touchless attendance, monitoring COVID 19 vaccinations, and obtaining pay slips through mobile. Consider the following remote work features:

  • Online surveysg
  • Document upload through mobile
  • Reminder of employee’s work anniversary, birthday, etc.
  • Tracking work-from-home
  • Easy viewing of team attendance and status
  • Managing productivity task for employees

Employee Exit Management

The HRMS product automates the employee leaving process, thereby supporting your firm. Employees can utilize this tool to submit their resignations, and it also includes a variety of termination conditions. This feature can be used to manage the following processes:

  • Issuing relieving letters
  • Helps in keeping a track of all the employee assets
  • Notification by mail of the completion of outstanding works or payments
  • Notifications to complete all outstanding and pending tasks prior to departing the organization
Employee Exit Management - Allianze Infosoft HRMS Product Feature
Benifits Of Our HRMS Product - HRMS Development Service

Our HRMS Product

Offers the following benefits:

  • Customized report generation
  • Developing insightful decisions
  • Creating a predictive model
  • Developing analytics based on existing trend

Several more shared characteristics include the following:

  • Easy viewing of employee profile
  • Viewing and uploading documents
  • Tracking and planning team’s leave
  • Status of employee’s attendance
  • Marking and sanctioning attendance
  • Hassle-free pay slip download
  • Letter requests
  • Receiving important notifications
  • Well-integrated calendar
  • Viewing your real-time dashboard

We’ll ensure an easy admin process with zero implementation cost. To make our product a part of your business, reach us at [email protected]

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