Welcome to the world of eCommerce. You’ve created a product or service, launched your online store, and you’re ready to sell it online! But, hold on there — there’s one more crucial element to consider: how are you going to present your product? That’s where our product pages come in. Our eCommerce product will give you a chance to offer customers all the information they need about your product before making a purchase. They contain all the elements that help customers make informed buying decisions, including descriptions, images, videos, social media login, order tracking, multi-payment option, and customer reviews.

Our eCommerce product will enable you to sell your products online and also reach a broader audience. You do not have to own a physical location for your business. You can sell a variety of items such as clothing, accessories, electronics, toys, home decor and much more. You can also provide customer service from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Using Our eCommerce Product

  • Increases visitor engagement by providing detailed information about products such as price, availability, reviews & ratings, etc.
  • Allows visitors to compare different products offered by your eCommerce store without having to visit multiple pages thus improving their shopping experience.
  • Helps create customer confidence and encourages them to make purchases thus driving sales.

eCommerce Product – A Place Where You Can Enhance Conversions

Our product will be the heart of your business, a place where you market your products and convince visitors to buy.

Features of eCommerce Products


Fully Responsive Design

With a fully responsive design, our product will be apt for use in various devices like smartphones, laptops, and desktops. Responsive design technology will help identify the device we use and adjust the presentations accordingly.


Multi-Vendor Option

Our products can offer the facilities for third-party vendors to present their products or services all at once. It can classify the products into various categories, and the overall shipping experience it avails for the customers will be fascinating.


Multi-Language Option

It is essential to make the contents available in different languages when confronting a global audience. Our product will convert the language of the material makes it more personalized. It helps to expand business boundaries to a wider canvas.


Dynamic Homepage

Our home page is appealing enough to catch the attention of any visitor. It will make the best impression of the products or services you offer and make them informed about it with a precise title, convenient images, and product reviews.


Multi-Currency Option

With our eCommerce products, customers will have the facilities to use multiple currencies for purchases as per their choice. It will help consumers to get rid of any unexpected shocks that can happen in the transaction.


Multi-Shipping Option

Our multiple shipping options can lead your business to have a hike in sales and revenue generations. It will make your brand unique and distinguish itself from others. As a result, the shopping cart abandonment results will reduce significantly.


Multi-Payment Option

Multiple payment options will help you increase the conversion rates by 30%. Also, it will help the customers to get a better shopping experience and thus build trust brand loyalty. It benefits in converting prospective customers into actual buyers too.


Social Media Login and Sharing

Developing social media strategies are essential to developing a better customer base reaching a wide variety of audience with ease. Our products will get linked to popular social media platforms, and thus you can monitor the social media marketing campaigns with accurate data. Also, it avails you to share the product details with numerous peer groups online.


Order Tracking System

With an order tracking system, the sellers can quickly contact the customers with facilities to track the shipment details. It will help maintain better communication with the customers and make them informed if there are any delays in the delivery date.


Search with Suggestion

With search suggestions, the customers can select the most relevant search phrases and thus gets the required outputs with less effort. It is the best way to increase customer satisfaction by saving the time associated with searching.


Customer Reviews

Reviews are more unbiased. Thus, it influences decision-making. In addition to this, the review facilities offered by our eCommerce products will help you understand the pros and cons and make improvements. It also helps to develop the best strategy for maintaining an online reputation.


CMS Pages

Our products get developed as a content management system(CMS). As a result, retailers can maintain the contents with the quick upload, share, change, and delete options. It also helps to maintain regular updations on the product web pages and make them stay relevant.

Explore Our Product to Boost Your Business

User Dashboards


Seller Dashboard

The seller dashboard in our eCommerce product allows you to track your progress as a seller, provide exceptional customer support, and keep your account active. All sellers have access to the seller standards dashboard. You'll notice notifications of all recent activity in your seller account at the top of your seller standards dashboard. This is essentially a technique for you to keep track of your own movements.


Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboards enable you build a back-end user interface where you can plan and control data, analyze trends, and keep a record of product statistics, which is necessary in any business. Simultaneously, admin dashboards can be used to modify and maintain the platform's user interface, including adding new components and features, editing existing ones, adding new content, and so on.


Customer Dashboard

Our customer dashboard will provide you with a live snapshot of your customers' activities on the platform. This information can help you determine who your most important consumers are, formulate smart marketing decisions, assess your company's success, and avoid bad customer satisfaction. This customer dashboard tool will save your time and will generate monthly reports automatically.

Order Management


Order Details

List Orders, Order Details, and Management – When a customer completes the checkout process, an order is created, and it is viewable to users with the Admin and Seller roles. A status is also assigned to an order. Order statuses indicate where the order is in the process, ranging from "Pending payment" to "Completed”. Each order is assigned a distinct Order ID. Our product will accurately and authentically list and maintain your order details.


Change status for orders

Some order statuses are applied automatically when a control panel process is completed, while others must be applied manually. When the status of an order changes, an email can be automatically sent to the customer to update them. Once an order is sent, for example, the status changes to ‘Dispatched' automatically. A cancelled or denied order, on the other hand, must be manually amended.