CRM-Customer Relationship Management

CRM Features

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a perfect blend of technology and techniques that are necessary for improving customer happiness and experience. Boosting sales conversion, acquiring more leads, and increasing customer retention are some of the most important corporate motivations behind incorporating the CRM idea.

Every business can benefit from building a great CRM strategy. With the right tools, you can save time and money while providing better service to your customers. Our CRM product will help you to modify and track contracts, leads, and opportunities. Our CRM product will help your company to stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. We help companies to organize campaigns and measure performance.

CRM Software by Allianze InfoSoft – A Way to Automate Daily Activities

It is an honest fact that our product will help both small and large-scale organizations to manage and nurture their customer relationships. We ensure your firm stays on top of sales performance metrics.

Why Should You Grab Our CRM Product?

  • Capturing more leads
  • Helps with accurate sales forecasting
  • Monitoring your sales pipeline in real-time
  • Identifying which activities bring in the most revenue
  • Improving the decision-making ability of your firm

An Overview of Our CRM's Functionality

Fully Responsive Design


Having critical information about your clients and employees readily available on a dashboard is a must for every business. To make the data more visually appealing, we exhibit it as a graph or a chart in a customized way. You can simply see the overall number of clients, employees, and users from the dashboard. In addition, the dashboard's birthday notification feature will let the customer know if their (client’s) birthday falls inside that month.

Multi-Vendor Option


A "prospect" or "possible customer" is referred to as a "lead" in the business world. With our CRM tool, you won't have to switch between different channels to find out about your leads. A single-view window comprising all essential lead information such as demographic details, previous interactions, deal status, and the lead score is provided by them. You'll be able to keep track of all of your sales leads in one spot. We believe that lead generation is highly significant in business success.


Multi-Language Option

Customers from all over the world will be able to benefit from the content being available in a variety of languages. Our product will convert the language of the material, resulting in increased sales and the possibility of expanding into the foreign market as a result.



People are individuals with whom your company creates many business relationships. This CRM feature will assist your company to manage its employees and processes through contemporary technologies and a clear understanding. The section allows you to easily access, categorize, and track all of your 'people' type leads. When it comes to business, persons are classified as either a specific type of business lead or as general leads.



A 'deal,' also known as a 'business deal,' occurs when you start working on a project with one or more of your leads. Using this feature, you'll be able to keep track of all the deals you have in your pipeline, set up automatic follow-ups, and forecast future revenue. "Add a Deal," "Track a Deal," and "Add a Reason for Losing the Deal" are the three main aspects of this tool. This component of our CRM will take care of deal management, allowing your staff to concentrate on selling.

Deal View

Deal View

This is a more comprehensive version of the previously mentioned ‘deal’ feature. This section allows you to simply view and handle each deal in a detailed manner. The deals are displayed in a table manner, with the current status, deal value, name of the company (with whom you signed the contract), and deal owner highlighted. To state simply, this tool will show you all of the details linked with each and every deal/transaction. You can filter the table data using a variety of criteria, including the owner, type, status, tags, and more.



Our 'Pipeline' feature, on the other hand, is more of a responsive Kanban view (designed with various tools to visualize the work and enhance efficiency). With the integration of a Kanban board, you can manage and control your business deals in a visually appealing manner. This will essentially help you with two functions: adding a pipeline with a stage name and a variable number of stages. The second is that you can see and control all of the deals and their stages. This tool allows you to quickly add, update, and mark an activity to a deal, as well as manage its tag.



One of the most important documents to have when starting a business is a business proposal or business plan. This section lays out everything you intend to do with the company. Putting the data together takes time and work, but the numerous benefits of these documents are worth the effort. You can easily handle all of your business proposals in this section, including creating and sending proposals. A business proposal benefits everyone involved, including clients, consumers, and investors.


Proposal List

With our 'proposal list' function, you can conveniently manage all of your proposals from one location. You may see the proposal status — accepted, on hold, or refused – by looking at the data in a table format. The data table can be filtered using a variety of parameters. Create/send a proposal, check the status of the proposal, and approve it with a simple toggle button are some of the functions that can be done here. This is a really useful and advantageous element of our CRM.



Every time a new deal enters your business pipeline, it is added to the CRM software and tracked. It will keep you informed about your company's operations. Hence, you will get a general notion of how to prioritize your chores on a daily basis. The sales department will find it much easier to keep track of the deals. Various business indicators, such as emails, meetings, marketing, and phone calls, can also be monitored. By tracking these vital data continuously, you can boost the sales figure.

Calender view

Calendar View

This feature, on the other hand, allows you to see all of your business operations in a calendar format. You may use several parameters to filter them, making the activity search process easier. Month, week, and day can all be changed in the calendar view. This feature allows you to ‘Add an Activity,' ‘Add an Activity from Calendar to a specified day/time,' and ‘Edit an Already Listed Activity,' among other things. You can also link the calendar with Google, making booking appointments straightforward. This intuitive calendar view tool will remind you of upcoming tasks and deadlines.


List View

This feature will allow you to view all of your business activity in a table-view manner, which will be quite convenient. You have the ability to edit or remove activities from the table. The information in the table can be filtered depending on a variety of criteria, including the owner, the schedule, and whether the action is related to a deal, an individual, or an organization. The functions that can be performed under this section include the addition, editing, and deletion of activities, as well as the marking of completed activities.



A variety of reports will be showcased under this category. Profitability reports, sales forecast reports, sales cycle reports, sales conversion reports, and target conversion reports are some of the types of reports that can be generated. Using these reports, you may quickly gain insight into your customer base, allowing you to improve the overall quality of your sales and marketing operations. The information contained in these reports will assist your company in formulating more effective and smart business decisions.

User and Roles

User and Roles

Users will benefit from this functionality because it will make the process of creating applications easier. Under this area, each user will be allocated a specific role that they will be responsible for. As a firm grows and hires more personnel, it becomes increasingly important to regularly restrict access for team members. The users will be provided with a username and password as well as security access in order to read the information that they require. User roles are typically comprised of a set of permissions that are required in order to access a specific data set.



Employees are a vital asset to any company. They are also a valuable resource to their employers. Additionally, our CRM focuses on improving workforce management in addition to client and customer maintenance. It is possible to view and organize all of the information about the employees in this part. This feature enables all of the employees to collaborate on a single platform, hence increasing the amount of help they provide to one another.

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