"Managing Inventory, Locating Items in Your Store and Tracking Customer Trends"

Our Client

Global Wholesale Company

Details of Our Client

Our client was one of the largest wholesale companies online, headquartered in New York. They had over 200,000 satisfied customers across the globe and handled nearly 2 million orders per year. Their customers range from department stores, and fashion boutiques, to catalog companies. Our client is renowned for supplying a variety of wholesale items to mini marts, supermarkets, general stores, retail stores, and so on.

Our Client’s Purpose

Our client wanted to know what was selling and what was not. They needed to know how much money is coming in and going out. Also, our client wanted to streamline their payment process. Our client believed that the POS system is an essential component of modern retail. With the growth of their business, our client needed an accurate way of tracking the inventory, sales, and more.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

The listing below are a few challenging areas encountered by our while building their own POS System in-house:

  • Software development
  • Testing and debugging
  • Lack of innovation
  • Unable to offer training to their employees on how to use a POS system

Our POS Solutions

Our team worked with the company to analyze their project and implementation schedule to ensure that we would meet their deadlines.

Our approach included three categories – people, process, and technology.


Our analysis found that the company's existing staff lacked both the training and the skill set to deploy a new point of sale system. We recommended investments in training as well as in new hires to support the deployment.


We've worked with the development team to understand the requirements. We've designed the solution, procured it, and implemented it in accordance with the timeline.


We developed a solution based on the different needs of the client's development, staging, and production environments.

Other factors involved in our POS system building process:

  • Knowing the client’s business.
  • Make sure that the POS system can do what the client wanted it to do.
  • Making the POS system easy to use and understand.
  • Ensuring that the system is safe, secure, and reliable.
  • Also, ensuring that the system is scalable and adaptable for the future.


  1. Easy streamlining of payment checkout systems.
  2. Helping to accept new payment methods.
  3. Managing the inventory and loyalty programs smoothly.
  4. Enabling you to gain access to real-time data and analytics.
  5. Enhance the customer service and increased the accountability.

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