“Offer Unique Multi-Vendor Functionality”

Our Client

A Startup eCommerce Store

Details of Our Client

Our client is a startup eCommerce store owner who has worked with us in the past. The client is a young entrepreneur, based in Australia who has had a successful hobby creating handmade wooden toys and games. He’s been making these items for nearly 10 years, but only started selling them online in the last year. Specifically, we have built their website and developed a custom-made web app that manages their inventory and accounts. We use Laravel in many of our web development projects and were excited to continue helping our client push his business forward by using this technology.

Our Client’s Purpose

Now, our client wants to build a Laravel app that will help them automate their marketing campaigns. The client wanted to build a mobile app that can be used by his customers to buy toys online. The app should have an option to select from the various toys available, and the selected item can be added to the shopping cart. The customer will also receive regular updates about the new arrivals and offers. The client wanted us to develop an eCommerce web application where customers can add/update/delete products from the shopping cart, search for products and make payments through digital methods such as PayPal, credit card, debit card, etc. Customers should have a personalized dashboard from which they can manage their orders and deliveries.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

  • The client had no experience in PHP or Laravel and needed to be able to make updates to his site.
  • The product page was not turning into mobile responsive.
  • The client was facing difficulty in managing the inventory and had no visibility of his store’s performance.
  • He was not able to track the shipment or order process.

Our Laravel eCommerce Solution

Our developers have been using Laravel for several years and can tell you right away that it is the most flexible PHP framework available. It allows the creation of a web application of any size with no restrictions. Laravel has a number of features that facilitate the development process. These include a modular packaging system, migration system, authentication library, unit testing, and many more.

Process of How We Created the Laravel App

  • Creating a Laravel project with a composer
  • Creating the Migrations
  • Creating Models and Controllers
  • Setting Up Views and Routes Accordingly
  • Establishing Authentication and middlewares
  • Setting Role-based permissions
  • Implementing policies as required
  • Adding testing as required

After the development change to the production environment


Our solutions ensured that all of the pages load data from a central source and that the app is up-to-date at all times. The app provided a way for visitors to learn about the products offered by our client’s eCommerce store. The app also helped in discovering special offers. The app was completely mobile responsive. Overall, the client witnessed a huge growth in his business.

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