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Our Client

An accounting and finance company in Qatar

Details of Our Client

Our client was a finance and accounting firm, based in Qatar. They had a staff of over 350 employees. Though the company was expanding rapidly, it faced an issue with staff management. The old-fashioned methods were being used to manage employee information and not just this, but every time a new recruit was hired, the HR department had to enter all the details of that particular employee manually.

Our Client’s Purpose

The client needed an HRMS solution to streamline their employee management, manage attendance, payroll, performance appraisals, etc. They were relying on traditional paper-based systems for all their HR processes. The client wanted to go paperless and thus wanted to have an automated solution. The company also wanted to have a centralized application that can be accessible by their employees anytime anywhere via any device.

The client wanted to make the HR department more proactive and knowledgeable about every aspect of their business. The aim was to create a centralized database of employee information that would help them manage the workforce more effectively. The client also wanted to set up a comprehensive system that would automate the entire HR process and make it much easier to use.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

The client was facing a serious challenge in terms of employee retention. Also, the company was unable to manage its manpower with the existing HRMS system as it lacked some important features. Moreover, the HRMS had become outdated and could not meet the requirements of the client.

Our client faced certain challenges while implementing the HRMS in-house. The loopholes include:

  • The company was unable to automate the overall performance evaluation process.
  • They faced difficulty in ensuring effective communication between all departments.
  • Their existing HRMS was not capable of delivering accurate and up-to-date information related to employees.

Our HRMS Solutions

We built a custom HRMS solution that provides an intuitive user interface for a large number of employees and HR managers. The solution provided a range of features including employee management, payroll, recruitment management, and more. We developed a Codeigniter-based HRMS solution that can automate our client’s day-to-day HR operations.

A few important features of our HRMS solution include:

  • Employee management
  • Attendance management
  • User management
  • Payroll management
  • Hiring and recruitment process management
  • HR analytics
  • Talent management
  • Employee benefit administration
  • Reviewing performance and appraisals

Benefits of using PHP Codeigniter or HRMS solution:

  • Open-source software
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Quicker development process
  • Easily understandable codes
  • Simpler maintenance


The client was amazed by our HRMS solutions.

  • Easily be accessible from any device with internet access
  • Track their employees’ time and attendance
  • Handle complex pay rules
  • Manage employee information such as demographics, banking details, and benefit plans
  • Streamlined the recruitment process to hire the best candidates
  • Create an online platform where employees can easily apply for leave requests or check their payslips
  • Eased the process of managing employee data in one place
  • Helping to analyze and report on employee performance and compensation using data from across the organization
  • Improved the quality of data in your organization by providing access to accurate and timely personnel information

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