Facilitated the Flow of Information Within a Business

Our Client

A Reputed Ayurveda Company

Details of Our Client

Our client is an Ayurveda company in India, which has been successfully manufacturing and marketing a range of safe and effective Ayurvedic products for more than five decades. Its diverse product portfolio consists of over 300 products that are exported to several countries.

Our Client’s Purpose

In a time of surging demand and revenue, our client’s outdated applications made informed decision-making difficult. Our client had to manage their inventory on a daily basis, manufacture products as per demand, keep a track of stock, and manage the order received. They had to ensure that all the payments were received on time since accounting is considered to be the heartbeat of every organization. Our client also had to keep a track of the goods returned by the customers or distributors. In short, our client needed an automated solution that could help them to control their business processes. This would enable them to focus on growth rather than managing mundane details.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

In order to manage the demand and supply of periodic releases, our client needed an ERP system right away. Because they lacked a team of software professionals, they had difficulty automating the process. Allianze InfoSoft was approached for an ERP solution that could be easily integrated into the manufacturing divisions, integrating processes, systems, and organizational structures.

Our ERP Solutions

Our process consisted of the following stages:

  • Analyzing the current status of your business.
  • Identifying the areas that need improvement.
  • Bringing all the departmental heads on a single platform.
  • Figuring out which is the right ERP for your business.
  • Implementing the software with proper training and support.

We created a lighthouse ERP software for our Ayurveda client. It had various modules such as sales management, product management, purchase management system, inventory management, financial accounting, employee management, customer relationship management, and more. The ERP software we created was also available on a mobile app, enabling our client to stay connected with their business even when they are away from the office.

Final Outcome…

Our cloud-based ERP solution offered up-to-date financial reports with real-time data that can be accessed anytime, anywhere by authorized users of the organization. Also, it helped to reduce human error as all transactions are processed through the same system, eliminating multiple tasks and manual work. Our Lighthouse ERP software helped our clients to manage their inventory efficiently by providing real-time visibility on stock levels, expiry dates, and batch numbers. The software was focused on optimizing stock levels by keeping a track of the minimum commodity requirements. You can also track multiple vendors for each item/product purchased with their contact details so as to contact them directly if required.

Our Lighthouse ERP offered complete functionality to manage the entire value chain from procurement of raw materials to sales and distribution of finished goods. It provided 100% traceability throughout the company. Finally, our client was highly impressed and satisfied.