eCommerce Product Page SEO : Dos and Don't

April 21, 2021

With the rise in digital marketing services, there has been a tremendous increase in the development of eCommerce product pages. A SEO optimized eCommerce website holds a crucial prominence in the eCommerce business as it helps to bring more traffic and sales.

Customers tend to use various ‘search terms’ also known as keywords, for finding the relevant items associated with their preferences. And to ease such processes, the concept of ecommerce product SEO is of greater benefit. A well-optimized eCommerce product page will maximize traffic and ensure growing sales. Also, incorporating tactics such as competitive SEO audit, keyword research eCommerce website marketing and product SEO strategies can expose your business to a global audience.

For most online customers, the product page is considered the landing page. Hence, it is the perfect place to initiate and enhance the business conversion process.

Well, during a pandemic (the existing global scenario), people are trying to find and come to terms with new ways to find a product online. And in such cases, hiring an experienced eCommerce marketing company can bring a wave of profit to your business.

Top Do’s Of eCommerce Product Page SEO

  • Implementing thorough keyword research. Try to build product-associated topics and find out the closely associated keywords. Keyword relevancy holds deeper importance.
  • With the help of well-organized data, you can easily help your brand flourish across the eCommerce market. All the product SEO implemented pages should have the ability to maximize conversions and enhance the click rate.
  • The product pages might undergo the presence of duplicate content and hence, such technical challenges should be eliminated thoroughly. It can be probably caused due to repetitive URL’s, double content, and so on.
  • The eCommerce product SEO pages should be well-optimized for mobile devices. It will reduce the page loading time and will enable the customers to share a better user experience. Such excellent optimization will help your business to gain a competitive edge over competitors.
  • The genuinely displayed testimonials or customer reviews placed on your product SEO pages will convey a lot about your brand. The displaying of reviews will help in maximizing the trust and loyalty from the end of your customers.
  • Creating keyword-integrated meta descriptions and product descriptions is one of the best ways to boost the reach of eCommerce product pages. The branded and non-branded involvement keywords will develop the best SEO-rich content for your eCommerce product or landing pages.

Don’t (s) of eCommerce Product Page

  • Using uniquely created meta descriptions and titles is highly important and you should ensure to avoid the automated optimization of the product SEO pages.
  • Try to avoid using the product descriptions (content) that are captured from the website of the manufacturers. Rather, tend to create well-researched content in a detailed way.
  • At times, certain products may not be available for a day or so (temporarily not available). In such instances, do not keep the URL inactive (especially, if that specific eCommerce web page had good traffic).
  • Keep the weak CTA’s away from your eCommerce website. Most of the eCommerce websites contain weak CTA (call-to-action) buttons, which should be avoided. On the other hand, there are organizations that utilizing a simple and organized CTA, bringing more sales and revenue.
  • Make sure not to miss out on any opportunities related to the internal links and the backlinks. Creating a link to the product pages alongside the ones to the homepage or category page, these link building measures would enhance your website visibility.

To End…

The optimization of an eCommerce product page is essential in bringing qualified website traffic, contributing to the growth of sales. Allianze InfoSoft is one of the most credible and leading digital marketing companies, employing an extensive specialization in managing eCommerce marketing and product SEO strategies.

From optimizing the product page title, descriptions, content, and links, our solutions will expose your business and ensure success at all stages of business awareness. For further details, get in touch with us at [email protected]