5 Top-notch Chatbot Development Frameworks for Enterprises

September 02, 2020

Chatbot has become a trending buzzword with the rise of the AI development industry. Implementing the chatbot development frameworks is believed to showcase beneficial effects on domains such as service promotions, customer service, business automation, and so on.Before you get into the development cycle, your business needs to acquire knowledge about the top-notch chatbot development frameworks. Hiring an artificial intelligence development company can help you to deploy the chatbot frameworks in various industrial domains such as healthcare, eCommerce, corporate enterprises, and so on.Enterprises can utilize AI-powered chatbots for boosting the decision-making process. Well, the AI-based chatbots can be made futuristic as it will have the ability to interact in natural language. The users can initiate the communication via voice/text-based conversation, easing the process of accessing and analyzing the information.



Being an Amazon Web Service product, Amazon Lex is one of the highly recommended chatbot development frameworks. It requires less coding and knowledge for creating a functional chatbot. At the same time, Lex engages the users successfully with meaningful feedback.

This chatbot functions on deep learning technologies alongside the integration of ASR (automatic speech recognition), etc. Thereby, it helps to understand and acknowledge the inputs. Lex chatbot encourages server-free architecture for enterprises with the intent of minimizing the involved operational costs.


Being a natural language understanding platform, DialogFlow helps in building and integrating the conversational interfaces over multiple sources such as mobile apps, websites, voice-control devices, and so on. It will help your enterprise to determine the text and voice input and is considered to be one of the simple chatbot development frameworks. Chiefly, it is aimed to develop seamless, interactive, and quality-based interactions.

One of the foremost benefits of DialogFlow is that it will enable you to know the intention of the users and also match the intent with the predefined quantities. A well-established AI development company will help you to build a dynamic-oriented conversational chatbot. When it comes to serving the healthcare domain, this chatbot development framework will help you to quickly identify the symptoms of the patients, thereby, easing the process of writing the prescriptions.


RASA is regarded to be the perfect chatbot solution as it comprises of tools that are vital in building a chatbot for your local desktop. It is an open-source and entirely free chatbot development framework and is preferably the best for handling small and medium-sized chatbot projects. RASA encourages the developers to make the optimal use of the Python codes, supporting the interactive documentation, and acquiring the customized solutions in the real-time.

Being built on Python, RASA can implement the techniques of natural language processing and machine learning.


Wit.AI is a machine learning-powered chatbot and is developed by the Facebook team. This chatbot development framework is built on two prime blocks – NLP (natural language processing) and NLU (natural language understanding) algorithms. Enterprises consider Wit.AI to be the powerful and highly effective chatbot development framework. This chatbot uses the terminologies such as ‘bot excuses’, ‘user says’, etc. into the development cycle.Also known as the Facebook bot, Wit.AI can create text/voice dependent bots, enabling humans to communicate (chat) on the messaging platform. It is one of the extensible and open-source NLP platforms, helping to understand and learn the human language for better interactions.


This chatbot development framework will help you in creating and connecting intelligent bots that will be beneficial in implementing seamless and interactive communication. Regardless of the platform (Skype, website, Facebook, etc.), this chatbot development will help in creating an effortless bot environment. The enterprises can extend the functionalities and improve the features of the bot with the integration of NLP’s and handling various models.Being one of the leading AI development companies worldwide, Allianze InfoSoft guarantees to maximize the customer experience with the involvement of multiple chatbot development frameworks.

Chatbot plays a key role in a startup or a corporate enterprise as it helps in connecting your organization with the customers. Selecting the right chatbot development framework is one of the crucial decisions that fall on part of an enterprise. To get the appropriate assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected]