Case study 1

Data Entry and Data Processing
Data entry and processing for an eCommerce fashion store
Our client was the owner of a well-established eCommerce fashion store, based in the US.
Our valued client wanted to enter the details of handbags (belonging to a specific brand) into a streamlined format. He also wanted the product details to be entered into the eCommerce database. The other requirements included description writing and brief image editing.
Allianze InfoSoft is home to experienced and professional data entry and processing experts, who possess in-depth knowledge regarding the latest tools and technologies.

Stage 1 – We collected the handbag details from our clients (brand name and model size). The collection also involved the analysis of what kind of description and image editing was required.

Stage 2 – Before initiating the work, the images were retouched with the help of our image editing experts.

Stage 3 – We extracted the required data from the input files and stored them in the online database. The login credentials were offered by the clients. Simultaneously, we also developed a precise and factual product description, which was uploaded to the website. The details such as bag number, model type, size, features, cost, etc. were also entered into a structured Excel format.

Stage 4 – Our quality check team ensured to cross-check and verify the uploaded details to eliminate the inaccuracies or irrelevant information.

Stage 5 – We sent back the Excel files through FTP and the uploading was executed with success.

What were the challenges faced by our team and how we overcame them?
Our team faced minor difficulties while discovering the product descriptions. The information about the specified product model was limited and hence, it caused a hassle. To overcome this challenge, we had to execute quick and deep research about the product (handbags) from other online and external sources.
Our client was highly satisfied with the result. He praised our efforts and was curious to know about the way we extracted product descriptions. And the most acclaimed praise was that we delivered the desired result within the mentioned time frame.

Case study 2

Website Development Service.

Working on an existing healthcare website and developing it further
Our client was based in the UK and was in charge of the website of a reputed healthcare business.
Our client had a healthcare website that needed to be revamped. The client was facing certain difficulties while using the website as it was getting crashed down frequently. The content, website layout/design, also wasn’t updated. The loading speed of the website was slow and the healthcare firm was losing out on their search engine ranking. Overall, they wanted the website to get a new look.

How Did Our Team Worked On This Project?

• We conducted a thorough study of our client’s healthcare- based website to understand the errors.

• Our professional website development team ensured in revamping the healthcare website.

• The content was replaced on every page with the inclusion of appropriate keywords to enhance the search ranking on various search engines.

• The website was designed with the trending layouts and designs to get well-connected with the patients.

• The website was customized as per the need of our healthcare client and we also ensured to highlight and focus the top-notch services.

• We incorporated social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to make the website easily approachable for patients.

• The website was made compatible with all devices and was transformed into a user-friendly and responsive one.

• The speed for using the patient application forms was maximized.
Initially, we thought we won’t be able to finish the project within the specified deadline. But, we made through it, though there were certain challenges.

• The migration from the existing platform to a new one was time-consuming
• Finding out the latest web design and trends in the global marketplace
• Difficulties possessed in making the website compatible on different devices
• Incorporating simple and easily usable content management system
We successfully delivered a well-designed website with eye-catchy layouts within the deadline mentioned. The client was highly satisfied with the website development as it simplified the communication between the firm and the patients. The patients could easily enter the details in the form available on the healthcare website.

Case Study 3

Digital Marketing Service

Working on Social Media Optimization for a clothing boutique.
The client was the owner of a well-established and reputed clothing boutique which is based in the UK.
The client had a clothing boutique that was never used to do social media optimization. The firm was reputed but had low customers as it couldn’t reach the targeted audience outside the place. This was the point he thought they need social media optimization, through which they can reach the target audience easily and look appealing to them. In short, they wanted more publicity and fame among the target audience. How the Team Worked On the Subject

We, first of all, confirmed the social media sites on which we should create pages and accounts. We selected the most prominent social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram.


• We joined several groups and made some groups.
• We stood as a strong presence which brought in many relations.
• Joined and made several groups that helped the firm to have strong bonds.
• Posted every event and many different models of attires to attract the audience.
• We went on live on every important event with several tips to catch the attention of viewers.


• Created a strapping bio for our client
• Added hashtags on all tweets and Promoted them everywhere.
• We shared pictures and videos of both attires and events to have familiarity with the audience.
• Search for customers.


• Created a page for the client’s
• Syndicated the blogs
• Posted both resume and visuals of the boutique


• Include a Link to Boost Traffic to Your Site
• created the best posts and shared them via Instagram to catch the viewers and increase followers.
• Added professionalism to the account
• put on the brainstormed keywords apt for the brand-name
• Of course, the work was tough enough. We were doubtful about the deadline too. But we did it within time. But we had to face several challenges
• Finding the target audience and their group was time- consuming
• Getting content that is appealing to a wide range of audience
• Getting catchy keywords
We could provide the best Social Media Optimization service with highly effective marketing techniques. Also, we could do more than their need for them within the time they give us. the client sent us the gratitude note by emphasizing their satisfaction.

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